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Jawed Habib says intention was to make seminar 'interesting' after apologising for spitting on woman's head

New Delhi: Hairstylist Jawed Habib, who earlier today apologised after a case was registered against him for spitting on a woman's head during one of his seminars, has said that it was an attempt to make the seminar "interesting". On Thursday, a video had gone viral in which Jawed was seen using his spit to style a woman's hair. The video, which did the rounds on various social media platforms, was from a training seminar organised by Habib for hairstylists on January 3 in Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar. Speaking of the incident, Jawed told ANI, "The attempt was made to make the seminar best and interesting, it was not done intentionally. I know that some people have been hurt by this action. I sincerely apologise for this and my mistake too." "I've never had this mentality in my decade-long practice, I have always worked to educate the people who are in the salon industry, but I am sad for the recent incident and my attempt. Believe me, this was just an attempt to make the seminar the best at that time," he continued. Jawed added, "My salons run across the country and I am proud that the people I taught are illuminating my name and that of the hair industry."Earlier today the hairstylist had issued an apology statement through a video message. "I just want to say one thing these are professional workshops, as in, they are attended by people from within our profession. When these sessions get very long, we have to make them humorous. What can I say? If you are truly hurt, I apologise from the bottom of my heart. Please forgive me, I am sorry," Jawed could be heard saying in the video. In the viral clip, the woman was seen sitting on the stage on a salon chair as Jawed prepared to cut her hair while giving hair tips. "Hair is dirty. Why are they dirty? Because shampoo has not been used," he says. "Listen carefully... If there is a scarcity of water," Habib continues as he spits on the woman's head while parting her hair. He can be heard saying " this spit has life" before the video ends. The National Commission for Women (NCW) on Thursday said that it had taken cognisance of the incident and its chairperson Rekha Sharma wrote to UP DGP to immediately investigate the veracity of the viral video and take appropriate action. The victim, Pooja Gupta, told reporters, "I run my own parlour and I went there to learn the skills and new techniques. I was not knowing that he (Jawed Habib) will spit on my head. This is a humiliation. My students and audiences were laughing at me." Arpit Vijayvargiya, SP City, Muzaffarnagar has said that the matter is being investigated by the local police and necessary action will be taken.

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