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COVID-19 vaccine doesn't prevent infections but will prevent complications, says Kerala doctor

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) : Amid concerns of a possible third COVID-19 wave in the country, Dr Balachander Kerala Government Medical Officers' Association (KGMOA) Pathanamthitta district president on Sunday urged for increasing vaccination coverage stating that COVID-19 vaccine does not prevent infections but will help prevent complications like pneumonia. Speaking to ANI, Dr Balachander said that people have to continue SMS-- Sanitizer, Mask and social distancing to prevent omicron along with vaccination. "It is very unfortunate that our third wave is going to happen may be next month. It is going to increase in the coming month. We have to continue SMS-- Sanitizer, Mask and social distancing. We should continue the vaccine process too," he said. The physician further said that everybody should complete their vaccine doses and those who have comorbidities should take booster doses too. "Government has already declared booster dose for those who are above 60 with comorbidities. Those who have not completed the second dose definitely should complete it. Because the vaccine does not prevent infections but that will prevent complications like pneumonia. So it is better everybody should complete vaccine and those who are comorbidities should take booster dose, especially the health care workers. As a health worker, I am expecting my vaccine on January 10," he added. On the Omicron variant of the COVID-19, he said, "Studies show that there is not much mortality but in UK and US there are some lakhs of Omicron cases so far. Like the Delta variant, we hope that in the omicron variant there is not much mortality." "As far as children are concerned they should definitely take the vaccine. The government has declared vaccines for children between the age group of 15 to 18 from January 3. The mortality rate is 0.01 per cent in children but as far as Omicron is concerned no kids are infected in Kerala out of the 107 cases," he said. "I request everybody who is eligible to take the vaccine which is available from the government," added Dr Balachander. According to the ministry, the number of Omicron infections stands at 1,525 and it has spread to 23 states. Maharashtra is the worst-affected state with 460 cases, followed by Delhi with 351.

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